all about me

An Old Passion

Ever since I was a kid programming has been a hobby of mine.  I started like everybody else, obsessed with video games and creating my own.  Learning how to write text based games in Python and Java, building mini-robots using Arduino.  I even landed an internship along with a friend of mine when I was about 13 with a small software development startup called 42Labs (which I suspect has probably sadly disbanded by now).  I also got an IGCSE in Information Technology(IT) a couple of years early with a group of other students and the help of my high school IT Teacher.  I was also involved with working on my school's online learning platform (an open source project called Gibbon) using PHP. 

I've never been one to spend too much into studying.  I was always more obsessed with my own technological pet projects.  But in my opinion this is something of value:  having a passion for the theory of computer science and in turn the practice of software development.  So far i've worked on numerous side-projects while in school ranging from web-development, game-development, graphics, to artificial intelligence.

Moving Forward

I got my DEC in Pure and Applied Science at Marianopolis College, and am currently studying Software Engineering at Concordia University.